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With competitive price intelligence at your fingertips, you can outsmart and outprice the competition to stay ahead.



increase in competitive data collected for one retailer



customer renewal rate across all pricing products



profit lift with our pricing solutions

In-depth competitive insights

Monitor your competitor's pricing moves with deep intelligence into their prices, pricing trends and assortment, including automatic updates on any changes, so you always know where you stand.

  • Obtain better quality product matches with 95% accuracy
  • Gain insights into inventory, promotions, lifecycle stage, and other key information
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Competitive Intelligence Data Sheet

Get ahead of the competition with in-depth analytics on competitors’ prices and pricing trends.

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Win over customers

Convert more customers and improve your price perception with attractive and competitive pricing on the products they care about most.

  • Identify gaps and overlaps to find margin and perception opportunities
  • Keep track of emerging pricing trends and volatility in the market

Be a truly agile competitor

Our Competitive Intelligence suite gives you control over your market positioning by enabling you to respond quickly and more strategically to competitor pricing changes.

  • Stay on top with daily updates on competitive data and automatic alerts
  • Focus in with granular data by marketplace, zone, SKU, channel and more

Add a pricing expert to your team

Transform your pricing organization and achieve pricing excellence with strategy guidance and scalable practices from our experts.

Our strategic consultants have built their knowledge and pricing savvy through years of real world experience at major global retailers.

  • Create a powerful, unified pricing strategy that boosts financial results and wins loyal customers
  • Elevate your internal pricing team and develop efficient, agile processes

Integrated solutions designed to
help you adapt and differentiate

Pricing Optimization

Intuition and spreadsheets can only take you so far. Create a truly dynamic and forward-looking pricing organization powered by the most advanced AI model for retail.

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Competitive Intelligence

Markdown Management

Time profits perfectly over the product lifecycle with automatic recommendations and markdown plans that adapt dynamically.

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Problem-solving at your fingertips

Start eyeing up the competition