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Maximize inventory productivity

Manage your inventory with greater accuracy to get the right inventory in the right place at the right time.

Hit inventory investment targets

Connect budgets, plans inventory and margins to your sales targets and best profit results.

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Sell more at full price

Align assortments with customers, channels and locations to develop lineups that maximize demand in each local market.

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Create consistently localized assortments

Understand each unique market so you can sell with more precision.

Meet customers' unique preferences

Optimize your margins by aligning your merchandise with the right market and store — using our proven assortment planning solution.

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Bring your brand to life

Create dynamic, localized assortments that bring your brand vision to life, season after season.

Distinguish your brand

Set goals and select items based on fashion trends and recent performance so your brand always feels fresh and relevant.

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Balance every aspect of your brand

Ensure optimized collection management across the entire product lifecycle, from first sketches to customers' shopping bags.

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Build a solid financial foundation

Manage a full range of financial planning functions with ease and operate from a place of financial security, even during uncertain times.

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Problem-solving at your fingertips

Is 2022 already feeling like your year?