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Take planning to new depths

There are retail planning platforms on the market that barely scratch the surface — and then there's our technology. Get integrated, end-to-end breadth and depth so you can make the maximum impact with minimal effort.

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Integrated merchandising solution

Make better retail planning a reality with a common platform housing all the critical merchandise lifecycle management solutions.

Best practices foundation

Get deep experience that's embedded in the platform in the form of best practices gleaned from over three decades in the planning business.

Seamless integration

Use each planning module as a stand-alone solution or take advantage of multiple, tightly integrated modules that all work together seamlessly.

Right experience for the right user

Combine data and visuals with science and art to get experiences tailored to each user — planner, analyst or merchant.

Adaptability through personalization

A powerful authoring environment adapts to specific customer needs through personalized views, layouts and KPI computations.

Best-suited data models

Both standard OLAP (for the most complex multidimensional analysis) and Relational In-Memory data models deliver speed and flexibility for all planning requirements.



of planning clients


25 years

of retail planning experience



revenue under management

One size does not fit all

Shared components and services with no code duplication help you adapt the solutions to meet complex, shifting requirements.

  • Features and assets are shared across all modules, so changes in one module are available in all modules
  • Adoption of new modules is seamless and quick

Quick adoption, short time to value

Our recognizable and consistent user experience across modules makes adoption easy and proficiency quick.

  • The intuitive interface is familiar to planners everywhere
  • The interface is consistent across modules, so adding new modules is seamless

Multiple plans and modules, a single version of truth

All modules and tools share a common data set, so everyone is making decisions based on the same and only truth.

  • Multiple plans, scenarios and forecasts, all in one centralized database to ensure consistency and accuracy
  • Planners, buyers, allocators, distributors and suppliers all work from the same common data set

Problem-solving at your fingertips

Ready to tackle the future?